Teescraft Engineering Limited was established in 1981. Since the early days the Company has built up an enviable reputation for the production of precision components for power related applications. From extensive and well equipped facilities Teescraft works to the highest levels of quality to provide customers in the automotive, transmission, agricultural and oil related industries throughout the world with products that meet the exacting standards of today and into the future.

At the heart of manufacturing precision components is the effective handling of materials. Teescraft prides itself on the systems and facilities which provide customers with a first class supplier service. The product of this level of professionalism and dedication is manufacturing of the highest quality.

Predominantly a Tier One supplier to the Automotive Industry, we can also act as Tier Two where appropriate, and currently machine over 300 different parts including Alternator Brackets, Exhaust Manifolds, Hydraulic Pump Adaptors, and Fan Pulleys. Sizes vary from 0.5kg to 60kg. Teescraft also export machined components to Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India and China .

At Teescraft, we firmly believe that through focusing on cost, quality, delivery and flexibility we will remain at the forefront of precision engineering.